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What follows is an introductory description of the ECSA v1 Demo, available at the end of this walk-through. This demo is companion to the Technical Report of the feasibility study into a European Capability for Situational Awareness (ECSA).

The demo was coded based on a fork of The Chokepoint Project’s web front-end, this fork was previously known as "ECSA demo V.0", presented during the ECSA workshop.

Technical report scope

The ECSA tender requested a study into a number of requirements and goals which will have to be met by an eventual implementation. To accurately estimate the necessary effort and resources to meet these objectives, these requirements and goals have been translated into work units. A work unit is a package of activities and resources which, when completed, yields some technical or operational capability that enables or fulfils the stated requirements and goals. It is in the context of the feasibility study that this demo is to be understood. While it is impractical to repeat the entire feasibility study in this walk-through, some core aspects will be described. It is also important to understand that the demo at the end of this walk-through is not a prototype, but a demonstration with both functioning and illustrative features.

The feasibility study was requested to study a possible implementation which would achieve the following goals:

And requirements:

While not all of the above are directly relevant for an understanding of the Demo presented at the end of this walk-through it is certainly helpful in understanding what the demo intends to demonstrate.